Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?



Looking for people and random convo’s. I’m open for anything.

And oh, I like to play games too :stuck_out_tongue:

btw I speak NL&EN.


I added you too but it says yr offline


Really? I’m signed in… :confused:


Add me then I will add you, here is my instant messaging email


Alright I’ve added you! :slight_smile:


I hope I am doing correctly becuz who ever I add it says they are offline…
Try messaging me also to see if it works


Maybe it’s the version of MSN you use… I’m not sure, but I’m currently using MSN 7.5


Try messaging me, my bro has 7.5 also and I have 8.5 and we manage to still text to each other otherwise it could just be a bug


Tried to add you again, I’m not able to send any messages tho.


Same problem here, I add you then it wont let me send a message. Im still trying everything, I dont give up easily


For me all is fine with version 8.5 i can add everybody who shared their adress email


Hey! I’ll add everybody!
My adress is: tecnoplays@gmail.com
I’m from Brazil, I speak English, Portuguese and I’m learning Italian


Hello! I am Rio, the fox.
I’m from Brazil, I mainly talk about PCs.
rio234oas@hotmail.com - I speak English and Portuguese.


The Bahamas
Add me if you like :smile:


Hi, you can add me to your contact list
user: pelikano3491@hotmail.com
32 / male / Panama
english and spanish speaker.
thank you!


If someone here talks Spanish, please, add me. I would be happy of adding more people :smiley:.
Ofc, if you talk English, you can also add me.
My Mail is: BlakerMSN@yandex.com
See you! :slight_smile:


hello!!! everyone feel free to add me and talk :slight_smile: i want more contacts on my messenger :grin:!!!
ridle92_jose3@hotmail.com i am 25 years old and I speak spanish and english

thank you :grinning:


SOU DO BRASIL. FALO PORTUGUES david.ewer@hotmail.com add la :slight_smile:


hey added me on MSN lindo-gato.gabriel@live.com

im speak portuguese,english and spanish

from rio de janeiro brazil


hey there :smile:

I’ve just downloaded msn again, add me if you want: thegreylady@hotmail.com

I speak both english and spanish!

  • Venezuela.