Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Hello everyone :slight_smile: If you want to add me; pokergerrit@hotmail.com

I speak English and Dutch :slight_smile:

Greets from the netherlands! :smiley:


Hey ya everyone, well, if ya want to add me:
Location:Constanta, Romania

I speak English and Romanian

Greetings from Romania


Hi everyone, I am Emre, 22 and from Turkey.
Please add me for friendship and talking!
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


I added u


Hey!! My email luis_oviedoalv14@hotmail.com

You can add me! I can speak english and spanish.

Saludos desde Venezuela


Since no one cares to look at my about page, I’ll just drop my Escargot here: helloimtheguy312@hotmail.com.

I’ve enabled the option for people to talk to me without adding them, so I won’t have a bunch of filler in my contact list. I will talk to you when I have time or when I feel like it, and I will add you as a contact when I feel it’s appropriate.

Happy chatting!



Baja California, México

Activo siempre :3
:soccer: :stuck_out_tongue:

V.8.5 MSN


Hola a todos!!!, Hola MSN! :stuck_out_tongue:


Baja California, México


Hola agréguenme

Tijuana B.C Mexico


I only speak English
Add me if you want to


Ajouté moi je connais plus personne qui utilise msn
parler avec des gens sympa! de France
mon MSN : maximemeuse@msn.com

Please Add me in MSN : maximemeuse@msn.com
I’m am from France


Je t’ai ajouté ! Je suis Québécopis donc je parle aussi Francais



Brazil here :smiley:


Add me: huskyjoe93@gmail.com :slight_smile:





I speak spanish and a bit of english.


Español xD


Bruno, 22, Brazil
I can speak Portuguese and English. I have interest in learn others languages, please add me.



San jose, Costa Rica
spanish and english c:


Agruégenme, Soy de Santiago de Chile. gonzalomendez90@gmail.com