Looking For Aim Contacts To Talk?

Reply to this topic with your AIM ScreenName and others can add you to their buddy lists! It might be helpful to add your location too.

For example:
Toronto, Canada

To Add A Contact you press edit buddy list and buddy list setup, press add buddy, type the contact’s name and press enter, done, now you can just talk to your new buddy!

my screen name:mateus_rebirth


Hello my screenname is santi13! i live in colombia medellin!

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i’m working to get the directory services implemented which will allow for user lookup

My AIM don’t open :confused:

i think aim 5.x relies on MSIE activex controls, that might be causing trouble with modern os…

Having trouble with AIM? try to uninstall and reinstall it!
if still having the rpoblem try to use an older version

did not work. does not go in any of the versions of AIM, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled several times.

i would love to download AIM but i never opens for me. and when i try to uninstall it the uninstaller stops responding…

a late version of 4.x might work, I suspect the IE activex component in 5 has problems on new OS

my screename is PPzudo , add me

My name in AIM Phoenix is Filecoder012! :smiley:

my screen is Juan pls add me
(btw I live in brazil, Brasilia)
I use version aim 5.9 :slight_smile:

Screenname: mattaaron
I live in Melaka, Malaysia
I use AIM 6.1