Look what i found

I have found the game selection.

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Yeah that sadly won’t help us archive them as the page uses a script that directly calls Messenger to load the games, and even then Messenger called a web service that hasn’t been archived, so we won’t know where those games were exactly hosted. Also I recognize some of them being MSN Instant Games, and one of the developers attempted to archived them 3 years ago, but the way they were coded made them impossible to archive fully, so those are a lost cause.

We have tic-tac-toe though

That’s one of the original MSN games from before Instant Games was a thing AFAIK, and that’s just pure HTML and JavaScript.

Does that mean… We could play tictactoe on ealier versions?

Not what I meant. I just mean it isn’t based on the framework the Instant Games (the ones with the fancy graphics) used.


??? Nvm

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Almost everything works on https://web.archive.org/web/20030801083523/http://messenger.msn.com/Resource/, we just need to do somethings in web sharing!

The pages load, but getting the actual content doesn’t.

Also what does Web Sharing have to do with this?

I found this one some time ago trying find some of the games that I played or Winks



The first link mentions nothing about Messenger games, and the second one is indeed a game (it doesn’t work unless you force-play it) but it looks like it wasn’t made for Messenger use. Sadly these won’t do. :confused:

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Where did you get that snipping tool?

Speaking of games, is there any way we could create some,
that replicates one game, or a game that was never seen before?