Lol, why this happened?


I went on escargot website and when it loaded internet Explorer closed himself and opened this :stuck_out_tongue: That’s like a custom theme… There isn’t the web history :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe… it’s some kind of feature i don’t remember? :\


uh, this is the normal theme for the escargot website

if you forgot about the escargot website redesing, then yes


i don’t have it in ie11 =(


chrome is shit


Opinions exist.And you can’t control everything on who and what browser should use


I was talking about this… Not the website style. There’s also a different IE icon too :stuck_out_tongue:


oh, so you mean it opened another IE ?
well about the thing itself this is what happens when you create a shorcut for a website
now about it doing it itself without any motive, idk



i can do something like this with these steps, tho idk why it would do it without you doing nothing