Lol @ my avatar

20 characters eeeeee

look like the good version of @Deathlife23 picture

to be fair both are from youare.swf

(Otherwise known as (the website is safe, you can click, it got scrubbed of the JS exploit 5 years ago))

yeah i know , its dont even do anything in IE 11

Your are heavenlife24 Forgot this ‘remix’ existed until you posted about that site


someone need to use that picture as a wallpaper

First, there was Reverse Patchou.

Now there’s Reverse @Deathlife23. :stuck_out_tongue:

LifeDeath24 :stuck_out_tongue:


Around mid 2017, @Patchou joined MessengerGeek by the way of @Andreso2145 e-mailing him about it (IDK why @TReKiE never told him about MG or why he never found out from browsing @TReKiE’s blog, assuming he was in the know about that at the time. From the looks of it, they ARE friends, after all).

@Deathlife23 then decided to nab @Patchou’s avatar (of Osaka), vertically flip it, and call himself “Reverse Patchou” as a joke. That’s how it all started in the first place. Had @Patchou never created an account on here, @Deathlife23 would probably still be using his Sonic Advance profile picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was before his “Reverse Patchou” shtick. He did change it back to that afterwards, but he ultimately settled with the smiley.

Oh now i get it oh and look at this Youtube Rewritten '08 Project

One, I already saw that by the time it was posted. Frankly, I had enough courage to say that @Deathlife23 didn’t care about maintaining the MessengerGeek spirit anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two, why bring that up here anyway?

i remenber these days , the days that he was not calling everyone ‘’ gay ‘’

hes linking to a reply
it wasnt his project
it was @compuser’s
so :confused:

shit nvm im stupid

I know it was @CompUser’s project LOL. I’m just solely referring to @Deathlife23’s reply. :stuck_out_tongue: