Login into messenger using a microsoft live account with high security


i found out (and i write it here hoping it can be an useful piece of information) that if you have enabled the 2-steps verification on your microsoft live account, that is, the more secure login where they also ask you for an additional code you get from your phone, then you cant login into messenger. :smiley:
This is true, unless you have enabled, on windows 8/8.1/10, the online microsoft account. In this second case, logging into your pc grants somehow the entrance to messenger.
I noticed it because i recently disabled the online account i was using on my main computer, and reverted back to the standard offline account, after this i wasnt able to login into messenger. In order to solve my problem i entered into my microsoft account from the browser, i turned off the 2-steps verification, and… problem solved!


I have the 2-steps verification enabled and I am not being able to turn it off. Can you please share the exact steps you did (Where you clicked in the Windows Live website?) to turn off the 2-steps verification? Thanks.

There’s no reason to turn off two-step verification to use Messenger. What you need to do is create an “app password” for Messenger use, which will then become the password you use when you sign in to Messenger.

You can create one by going here, and here’s more information on what this means and other Microsoft applications that you might need to create an app password for.

Also you can accomplish these app password tasks, remove existing ones, and if you really want to, turn off two-step verification on the Microsoft Account security settings.

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