Lmao found a new web browser

There’s an WLM Plus! Live browser? I just found this randomly through my scripts folder :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thanks to those who archived the scripts BTW ^_^)

It’s not really something new: Just uses IE11’s shell of code and with a frame


Cool… The old right and left buttons… What a good times

u just didn’t saw this https://www.seznam.cz/aplikace/

I use that explorer

Can you post the script file???

Here you are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PlEQAR-gsGvMXBMJUaboxPPnd2rRB91l/view

mariotennisbrowser.exe (3.1 MB)


I tried it and I can’t access it without “registration”.

oh,it’s not a virus?

I am currently using it on my Windows XP VM.
I edited a registry key and now it works.
Here’s an image of the browser.


what registry key? EDIT: oh its clsid and yes i’ve found more mediabrowser