Live Messenger Packs - Anniversaries, Holidays, MSN Buddies and more!


It’s almost one year ago since I was looking for the Window Live Messenger - 10th anniversary pack.
At the end, I was able to find it!
Here is the download link again:

You will able to install the pack to your Windows Live Messenger client using a third party program.
You should find and use a reliable one only as some third party programs can be a trojan. If you already have one, please share it here!

Another important thing that I was not able to receive emails from the email system in here.
Luckily, somehow I was able to regain access to my registered user…

I would like to announce that I found a lot of packages for MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger and I would like to share everything here with you!
You can find a lot of packages including emoticons, winks, backgrounds, dynamic display pictures and more of various subjects: Anniversaries, Holidays, MSN Buddies and more!

These packages are available at and you will able to find a lot there.

You will able to download the packages directly from using the following url:[PackNum]/[PackNum].mct

Replace the [PackNum] with the number of the package.
For example: 125320 for Summer Cocktail package.

You will have to replace each file extension from .mct to .cab to view the contents inside.

I have decided to add here an attached file which is additional source for tons of packages and some of these are included in the file here:
MSNPackList.dll (3.2 KB)
Please open using notepad or replace the extension from .dll to .txt.

Please note that there are a lot of packages which may be copyrighted, so please use these personally only!

Thank you and I hope this makes you happy!!


works on windows 10 ?


I believe it works for win10.

You can view the packs by yourself by changing file format from .mct to .cab.
Additionally, I believe it is possible to develop a small program which uses the messenger method to insert and install packs.


If you are geeky enough, you will discover 4 728 MCT files by changing XX with a number from 125250 to 130260:

Two files are loleny: 50540, 110202.

Regarding Quebles, you can discover 19 files by changing YY with a number from 125249 to 125498:


the installer already exists, if you know where to look :wink: