Live Messenger 8.5 One cannot see the other

I have recently downloaded live messenger 8.5 from the escarbot website. I have it booted up without issues. To test it out, I created another account and repeated the process on another computer, so I have 2 messengers on 2 computers open with 2 different accounts created. I have attempted to have them add each other, to see if I could get them to communicate. Account 1 can see account 2 as online. Account 2 sees account 1 as offline. I can type between them if account 1 initiates the discussion. Account 1 cannot see the second one as online - it even has the link to "add this person to your contact list
" but when I click it, nothing happens and that link remains.
Any suggestions?

SOLVED — maybe

For each account on each computer, I added myself. Before adding myself as my own contact, I could not be seen by others. I do not know why this fixed it, but it did… just in case someone else ever has this issue.