Linux Mint or Windows XP Support?

Yeah, im back, but nobody know i am…
1: My english is bad, and
2: Windows 10 have LAG level max, then, i try use linux mint i my pc and it is Beutifull, but my question is: Escargot Messenger (8.5 or 8.1) works in WINE?
if no, tell me a cheat to use it in linux mint…

ah! my father’s in her PC (with Windows XP) try to use Escargot mesenger, but it dont work! only appear a error message! Help Please

And Thanks!


if you only say “a error message” nobody can help you.
what version is he trying to use?
what is the error code?

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See that: TUTORIAL: [Linux] Windows Live Messenger Installation on Debian Linux with Youtube video


From the poor translation (father + her, in the exact same phrase), Escargot does work on Windows XP. You’ll need to do some random stuff for 8.5 and 8.1, or else, just downgrade to 7.5.

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random stuff, could atleast better explain it, after all, the guy is asking for help

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  • penguin001:the error message says: “no es posible conectar con el servidor”, i use 8.5
  • zRioziin: Thanks
  • Gamerappa: Sorry for my english and thanks for the aswers, but, 7.5 works in XP?! im go to trying

7.5 was made during xp so it should work :slight_smile: