Lets talk about mac OS!

Everyone who used mac OS, please lets talk about mac OS versions as we known and we used to share our experience and getting a time of entertainment!

Version 10.9 and above: Great
Version 10.10-10.14: Meh
Version 10.15 and later: cancer

topic reviving


necrobump i like mac os 9 and os x 10.2 10.6 and 10.9

Oh, fine

every operating system ever made sucks

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Never use a operating system, just use the goddamn BIOS!


You can only use 1 Operating System, its unrelated to Mac OS but, it’s MS-Dos

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Original MP3 circa 2001


Ahh hahaha! I’m having FUN!

my favorite talking blues song

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Nextstep is the best Mac OS of course. Every version after 9 is a ripoff. You can’t change my mind.

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ripoff of what

I use old macOS 10.6 but it’s good!

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yeah no you seriously need to upgrade, if your mac supports it, then upgrade the mac os to mavericks, if you still want the old design of course

But it’s imac g5

And i have 1gb ram

What is so wrong with 10.5?

I didn’t say 10.5 is bad or anything

c r a p for me

10.5 is good!