Lets talk about Linux and Unix!

Everyone who used Linux or Unix, please lets talk about all Linux and Unix versions as we known and we used to share our experience and getting a time of entertainment!

PS: I just add Unix to “lets talk about Linux” because Linux was developed from a Unix beta never released.

I like old linux screensavers, and old desktop environments from around the 00s and the
early 2010s.


Good, fine and splendid, tell us more about Linux versions you used

First version was 2.6 and then the I am right now using is 5.3

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I have Debian standard (No DE) installed on my old pc acting like a server. It idles around 298mb of ram and 0,7 CPU usage on one core because of the kernel. I can host tf2 and Minecraft servers from it. I can even control the mc servers using a web UI. (Connecting via server’s local IP)

(Note the cpu has only 2 cores. The other two are virtual).

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And the first linux distro I used was probably Kali, then Linux Mint

(Kali because I wanted to become a script kiddie ofc).

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PS: I have plex on it ofc :wink:

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My first Linux distro I used was Ubuntu and then Lubuntu wich was installed on my high school(when I was there).

First Linux distro was some Linux on Windows container thing that ran Gnome 2.

My first distro was a version of Ubuntu with KDE 4

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My first distro was Debian called Canaima (Venezuela)

I am running linux mint on my main (well its a dualboot and i mainly use windows 10) and ubuntu mate on my laptop (dualbooted with android, but i rarely use that) and its fast enough atleast for me. Definintly made it faster since it used to have windows 10

I use Ubuntu