Lets make MessengerGeek compatable with older browsers like Netscape or IE6!

An html version of MessengerGeek? eh :stuck_out_tongue:

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YES , i really want to use messengergeek in my safari 5

Not against the idea, necessarily. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, the forum backend is Discourse, and even with an open-source license, I don’t think the creators would really like their software downgraded for backwards compatibility, especially since web devs like to bash and shun people for even thinking about that kind of stuff, as in how supporting Flash, Silverlight, or any popular plug-in based technology for something as miniscule as small animations or programs at the moment will get you killed unless you have a strong enough stomach to ignore the overblown backlash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even without the strict and forward facing nature of those people, it would be a massive undertaking. Getting HTML5 and modern JavaScript-powered components to use their older counterparts and converting the Unicode glyphs to images would be a hassle to implement, not counting the fact that Unicode emoticon functionality would have to be stripped entirely, since those don’t render properly in older browsers nor OSes.

Also, some UI bits, like MessengerGeek’s gradient header, have to utilize images rather than CSS, considering @PPCB’s problem with that on Chrome 9. Speaking of images, remember IE < 9’s image transparency problem? Gonna have to deal with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically, this would take up unnecessary time and resources, and it would all be worthless in the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

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for some reason Messenger geek Works PERFECT ( without the transparency ) in chrome 9 and 10

R S S :clap: F E E D :clap:

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RSS feed + email is like only way to use MessengerGeek on xp tbh

you can use Firefox to acess messengergeek in Windows xp and Windows vista

opera works fine with messengergeek on xp aswell

i think that chrome 48 works too