Let's get a FriendProject thread going!


It’s a new(ish) social media site that’s 1:1 with classic MySpace.

Here’s mine:


I found this site a few weeks ago, it looks awesome so I should make an account, as long as I don’t have to give away too many personal details.


Here’s mine if you wanna friend me! I haven’t used this in forever. (also, I don’t live in Uganda obviously, I made this account when that dumb meme was still slightly relevant.)


Your profile layout is really nice. What put me off of joining this site at first was that everybody used their real faces as profile pictures, but I guess it’s alright to write a bunch of fake stuff. I’m trying to create an account now, but it’s making me put in where I live so I’m going to have to find a random city to live in.


I just made a profile, but it doesn’t look that great yet. http://www.friendproject.net/view_profile.php?member_id=222737


Dude your account looks awesome! Nice job!


so already exists Tumblr


But Tumblr isn’t retro MySpace, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s kind of like MySpace, because you get to customise your own page, but it’s not really the same.


You can see the heavy myspace inspiration, though.


hola soy nuevo


Thanks for making me think you’re TReKiE :unamused:




el que usa emoji lo vuelve mas estúpido no lo digo yo lo dice la ciencia


¿Qué ciencia? :thinking:


la del mundo de bob toronja y el de kokun


nada tiene sentido.jpg






Please speak in English.