Let's end the whole Local server thing

We had enough. 2009 with local server always never made you use login.live.com stuff.
To mark the end, we finally got 2009. This whole 2009 thing started as source code, but to my knowledge, this local server guide is from January 2019. To mark this end, 15/11/2020, is the day of special stuff. So let’s end this.


And then create a how to make a 2011 local server when wlm 11 will be supported.

Same, and Discord blocked contact

if that happens that is
which is most likely isn’t or it will take a VERY long time because of 2 factors

  1. the only recent developer (walkingphasers, known on mg as OhHelloThereImTheGuy) left
  2. the protocol is like when you mix vomit and taco bell diarrhea and somehow turning it into netcode for a messaging app
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and when you say “taco bell” you mean “skype 8”

NOOOO! NOT END THIS . WLm 2011 is working with wlm 2009’s source code!!!

Dont belive me? Try out self!

im talking about WLM 2011 and 2012’s protocol. when did i mention skype at all in that post?


yeah but its broken as hell and it doesn’t work 95% of the time. and nothing except the contact list works.


No, the contact list is working and you can open the chat box by a trick. You need to send a friend request first when the wlm 2009 is installed on your local server and the other account must accept the friend request. Then delete wlm 2009 and install wlm 11. Wlm 11 is login, then the contact must appear on your contact list with status. But because its broken as hell as you said, you cant send a f*ckin message.

but because its broken as hell, you can’t use the messaging app as a messaging app, therefore making it pointless to use in that sceneario.

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Patrik:lets make local server everyone


i can litteraly imagine patrik is gonna make one again xd

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didn’t you make one recently though? at least from what i’ve understood from leaked nina discord screenshots?

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wait no, escargot discord proved me wrong. latest commits not pushed yet.

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annoiunced his cool new service, and it was a total shit show

imo it happening with all open-source projects, nothing to be surprised

seems like the maintainer can’t understand the phylosophy of open-source model, if they do not like when his code was used by “kids”


Expected, it’s the nature of the beast, but having been on the opposite side of it, I see such things as a badge of honour. Sort of like an artist hearing their song being covered by another.


No I did not. I should not know when. My local was before release of 2009