Lessons made by Fall guys and Among us

You see in the past anyone was estricted with the games like:

1.The game has not be the same
2. 8k graphics

But when Fall guys came out it was a world success in twitch and youtube being the best battle royale game ever, the same with Among us they came in 2018 but 2 weeks later since fall guys came out. Among us became popular.

The lesson was that they were online and that you could play with friends also Among us beaten Fortnite on players.
They were made my little teams.

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i only became an Impostor once in Among and j won at that time

Yes i saw an impostor kill within my vison range

I think FG:UK and Among Us are the best Battle Royales…Along with TF2.

U play fall gays ??

yes, at my neighbors PS4

i got banned from fall guys cuz i sweared like crap when i won

How did you even swear is there a chat?

i was joking i just didnt have fun and got refunded

tip: me and my cosen relly whanted to be an imposter cuz its more esy.