@Leo_Historias is unbanned now

2:07 PM, Leo_Historias was liberated from his ban, in the hour that i wrote this post “4:03 p.m Hora de Venezuela” he don’t post anything, but i think that in sometime he will post, AND If that post is more spam, i think that we need to plan what we need to do, so prepare for his first post until his unban and we need to know how to not enter into a boicot this forum again like in those days, and of course, avoid more mental damage by Leo to @Megadeth58

gasp no kawaii!!!

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Trust me, @TReKiE has a plan for people like @Leo_Historias. :wink:

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TReKie has one, but the entire community needs one too

Think this: A plan for calm down @Megadeth58 and a plan for avoid new users to be like Leo (Example: @Informatic_Star)

Unfortunately, he’s the only mod on this entire forum. So we kinda have to depend on him to do all the heavy lifting.

Also, a plan for all of the forum-goers? Here’s one to prevent “boycotting”:

  • Try to ignore as many “Leo” posts as much as you can.

  • If he @mentions or PMs you, just ignore him, because responding is just going to fuel the fire more.

  • Don’t pull a @Megadeth58 and be intentionally rude to him at the highest caliber or mock him as a way to shun him. We all know what happened the last time he did that to Leo. :confounded:

Yeah. That’s something simple no one even took into consideration. :expressionless:


how to stay healthy on a @Leo_Historias infection xD

I’m sure he’s somehow changed.


Is this a actual program?

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No. But the program it’s parodying, Messenger Reviver, DOES exist. But it isn’t available for download anymore because it would depend on the official Microsoft Messenger servers to work, and those don’t exist anymore. :disappointed:

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i’m doing the actual version of this image parody, so it will exist.


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