Leaving this forum (again)

Good evening,

I decided it was a good idea to leave the forum after a failed attempt. Here is a WinRAR archive to get more information for the moderators and friends. I will leave the forum for months until EpicTaco404 will stop complaining.

@TReKiE I recommend you to reply about this before closing this post.

Leaving MessengerGeek.rar (21.1 KB)

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Also for friends and moderators. If you have Office, then you could easily view this document, if you don’t have Office, you may use Office online or WordPad. (this also applies for winrar)

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I hope you won’t end up like me and rejoin the forums days later after each attempt at quitting.

But why do you rejoin the forums days later?

Epictaco is not admin at there. If you see these insult replies, just flag it, and we all moderators can check on it, and do the right way.

We’re waiting u back.


WindowsXD, I warned you last time.

ET isnt an admin nor mod, u dont need to leave

Nonetheless, Ignas still dislikes ET404.

I thought he was.

im not, im a regular

of what a ***?


This is not the first time you are insulting others trolly for no reason. If you have negative opinion, just go ahead just do NOT be totally outrageous. This is not the first time. You apologized this, but it seems you continue this trolling.

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yes regular is just a level of “trust” here that you can get by being active, liking and receiving likes nornally, etc