Launching the 'EscarSoft' Project


We’ll like to announce that the code named project “EscarSoft” has already started.With this project , The Escargot Engineers are working on the support on logging on msn clients using real microsoft or other e-mails.Also they’re testing support for WLM 8.0+. Please stay tuned on the forum and on the escargot site for news.Also, if you like you can check gitlab for more information.

Thank you!.

Official Escargot Tester


I’m hoping WLM2009 gets up and running soon. That’s the best version in my opinion.


Great news, thanks :slight_smile:


Continue working on the development support for MSN 8.X and up to 2009, so it may be possible to support mobile versions (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Java) :slight_smile:


Please pm me!
I’ve got som ideas for wlm8+