#kirkscabana - The newest channel on the Tawx block!

As I have found out that the underlying IRC server that hosts the #messenger IRC channel (Tawx; irc.tawx.net) allows you to create your own channels, I have taken the liberty of creating my own: #kirkscabana.

What it will be about? Well, I haven’t ironed that out yet, but it could be a general hangout place with me and possibly @TReKiE, along with a few other friends of mine as the OPs. Perhaps some gossip about my two hot topics: Sonic and Star Trek, and maybe some general talk about videos games and tech, old and new. Anything that interests me, basically, is fine by me to talk about in here. Humour included. :stuck_out_tongue:

To join, connect to the irc.tawx.net server on port 6667, register a nick, and join the channel #kirkscabana. We’ll meet you there. :wink:

~ OhHelloThereImTheGuy/assholishkirk

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