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This will probably need a bit of explanation, so hang on tight. TL;DR at the bottom.

What's Royalgames?

Royalgames is a website where you can gamble away money to play flash games and pray to Jesus you're good enough.

Why should I care?

It is the original website that Candy Crush, Bubble Witch, and several other games King milks to this day came from. As well, they had several free versions of licensed games, including Luxor, Zuma, Chuzzle, Bejeweled 2, The Biggest Loser, Uno, American Idol, and Deal or No Deal.

Is it really just you working on this?

Technically, no. In this case, I get the game SWFs, and if they don’t work and if they’re high priority and are a reasonable size, I give them to @ssh0lishKirk (otherwise known here as OhHelloThereImTheGuy), who opens the swf, decompiles them, and tries to reverse-engineer them to working quality.

Why'd you drag him into this?


The Archive

Here's the archive itself.

Happy gaming!


If any of you can find more games from them, that would be perfect.

Web.archive is not useful, as you need to log in to play the games, thus why I used third parties. was useful for finding some of the older games, however it no longer is.

Oh hell, I might have found the original Candy Crush.

Added to the Dropbox

So far, here are the list of games confirmed working:

African Rainmaker (you need to turn the music and sound on manually, music restarts after 30 seconds making the worst harmonies so i suggest to not)
Candy Crush (intro screens in swedish, you need to turn the music on manually)
Survivor Samoa (also known as Amazon Survivor)
Pepper Panic (alternate version with the mexican guy showing up before the game starts)
Papa Pear

…so basically all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Notably, I got a pretty high score (but not my best, my best is 250k) on Survivor Samoa.
Try to beat it!

I wonder if you could search for the extended version of redball from

Levels 13 to 17

Perhaps…Might be a bit of trouble, though.

Yea I’m startin to heavily doubt the ability to do that at this point.

Here’s my new African Rainmaker score (I sent assholishkirk my old one, thus why I say “my new”)
Try to beat it!

This game’s mildly important to me, mainly because I kinda love it. so I need all of your help.

I need to find a working version of Kalorie King/The Biggest Loser.

The game looks something like this:

As well, if any of you can find working copies of the former “board games” section, that would be amazing.

EDIT: I’d also like the versions of Zuma and Luxor found.


So regarding that edit I made, it seems there used to be versions of PopCap games that used to be on

I want them found, if possible.

These games are;

  • Zuma
  • Chuzzle
  • Bejeweled 2

As well, I found a version of Pac-Avoid (the game that got King in a big fuss in 2014).

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Please note that the version I added of Zuma in the dropbox is not the version. It is a version I found online also licensed by PopCap.

I mean, it works!

Welp I ran into some issues.

Games that DO NOT work are;

Kalorie King/The Biggest Loser: Game says that the site is under maintenance.
Zuma: “Could not load level’s XML file!”

How neat /s

Another game doesn’t work. This one, along with Kalorie King, is currently not in the archive.

Midas Miner: One of the first games, back when was Loads 25% or so of the way. Not to be confused with Miner Speed, which works.

I really need alot of help with this tbh. If any of you can help, that would be great.

Hey uh

So I found this

It’s not at all related to the flash games but it’s still pretty neat


  • Miner Speed: Midas Miner but faster.
  • Cat Corner: Loads. Unplayable. Basically Lights Out.
  • Pyramid: Regular Pyramid solitaire.
  • Pyramid Speed: Pyramid but faster.
  • Midas Mahjong: Basically just Mahjong with a 7 minute time limit.
  • Magic Spinball: Breakout clone.
  • Pet Rescue: I don’t really know how to describe this well. Try it for yourself.
  • Bejeweled 2: Sadly not the King version. Basically Bejeweled 2 but stripped down and free.

Oh shit I actually found it

Okay, so we have good news, but I also have bad news.

The Good News

I found several versions of the “branded” games, i.e. The Office pool, Deal Or No Deal, 30 Rock, Luxor, and Zuma!

The Bad News

Half of them don't work.
  • 30 Rock: Loads. Instructions load. Game does not.
  • The Office Pool (Pool King): Loads. Works perfectly. Just standard 9 ball pool with a The Office (US) skin over it.
  • Deal Or No Deal: Loads. Some textures are corrupted. Works fine aside from that.
  • Luxor and Zuma: Freezes on the loading screen.
  • Domino Lineup and Football/Soccer Star: Does not work at all.


I found a working version of Domino Lineup.

Also the you are an idiot swf so