Just found out that in 2009-2015 Apple sold iPhones from the past 3 years for FREE

i was watching an Apple Explained video about “why iPhones are getting so overpriced” and he sent a picture of iPhones 4, 4S and 5 prices at iPhone 5 announcement, the iPhone 4 was free

so i tried to dig into Apple Store (at the time apple store website was separated) website, and i found out this

iPhone 3GS:

iPhone 4:

iPhone 4S:

iPhone 5C:

iPhone 5S:

So as you might expect, good things must come to an end

In 2015, Apple has a low-sales crisis for ALL their lines, this is another reason why Apple pproducts got SO expensive, you can compare the Flagship iPhone 5, which was 199$, and just 5 years later, the iPhone X, was 999$, 9X the price, even though, the iPhone X did well, and in 2019 Apple (kinda) lowered the iPhone 11 Price, from 750$ of the iPhone XR to 699$ in the iPhone 11, even tho they lowered the iPhone XR price to 599$


EDIT: i forgot to say that this is some kind of “bullshit” that carriers do to advertise the phones for free, you have to pay a 2-year-contract for their services, you end up paying double the amount of the phones value, bruh.avi

Bullshit, it’s the gimmicky 0$ shit carriers often do.

This is not Apple’s price. They never sold iPhones for free.

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FROM 0$!!

to 123908120389102$.

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