Just a quick question


I want to ask : Where can we find useful things if you can’t find them publicly ?

Well you could become a “hacker” and break into the Microsoft corporate network? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:fearful: WHAT, IM ONLY 12

Glad to hear it, then you won’t go to jail :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, these are secrets you’re asking how to find, they aren’t there to find anymore than you can google up the full source code of Windows, the recipe for Coke or the current cleaning status of my bedroom.

But as a more general positive answer, you could find interesting things by hunting down old Messenger materials and/or using archive.org to dig around at related sites that may no longer exist. At the very least you might find something to stroke people’s nostalgia and might even inspire someone to do their own project.


oh, i see, can you give me links for examples to
start ?