Just a question about voice calls in MSN/WLM

Hello everybody, i just wanted to ask a question about MSN/WLM’s voice calls.

Why when i use MSN from 5.x to 7.x i can talk trough voice calls at least in my lan and if i use wlm 8.x it gives me an error?

Oddio non ci credo, anche tu qui!!!

mmm, IDK. I’m gonna get a friend of mine to get WLM 8.5 later today and we’re gonna try voice calling to see if it works, but if it doesn’t we’re mostly gonna goof off with WLM/MSN. I’ll respond later when we try and see what happens. Ok?

did y tried?

Sadly didn’t get time the other day to try it. I’ll try again tonight. Once we do try it, I’ll post as soon as i’m able too. Been busy as of late, so i’ll try.

Couldn’t try last night, had school till 9 P.M. so i got home late and went straight to bed.

update, my pc’s motherboard died the other day so i can’t try. my laptop as well.