Just a post to tell why i'm not active here anymore

Hi, if you don’t care or hate me please don’t read this or insult me, i will ignore it

In this post i’m just gonna explain why i’m not active anymore.

Since December 2020/January 2021, my activity has been really bad, i’m not active anymore.

This is because i have a lot of IRL problems and i really feel bad, so i tried to make a sort of break from Internet, i still really enjoy the world of MSN, MessengerGeek, ect… but i just can’t be active anymore because of my personal problems, if i could i really would be tho.

I have made errors in the past, like MeowMSN, CatSpeak, Videryo/Flixage, and planty more…

But i’m trying to move on and discover new things.

So no, i didn’t leaved this forum, i just have too much things happening in my life and can’t control them.

I hope you understand, thank you for reading this…


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You’re always welcome here Alessio :slight_smile:.

The world has changed so much over the past year, I too have had to deal with (and still dealing with) many IRL problems that I hadn’t even considered before. Obviously I don’t know what you’re dealing with, but I do know that life can be really tough sometimes, and I have confidence that in time, these problems will be solved.

My PMs are always open if you ever need to chat.

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