Join this pretty awesome ts3 server

Please join this pretty awesome Teamspeak 3 Server on Radmin VPN. Radmin info: SmashedPotato1234 = Network Name, and the password is just “password”, and now the Teamspeak 3 Server IP is just

To join the server, follow these steps:

You first go to the RAdmin website, download the client and install it then go to the Teamspeak website and download their TS3 Client for your operating system, install it.

To join (actually):
At radmin, click on network then join on an existing network
this should show up, on private network type in network name “smashedpotato1234” and on password “password” click on join next
You will connect to our “Private” network where we ocasionally host mc servers and wlm servers

Open TeamSpeak

At connections click connect
(myTeamSpeak you need to regrister which is not neccesary)
at server address type (my radmin address) then choose any nickname and connect
And congrats ur connected!

UPTIMES: Usually at 8:00am to 8:50pm (UTC -5 BOGOTA, LIMA)

Sorry for a bit bump, but why I can’t connect using XP’s TeamSpeak 3? (


It’s not being hosted anymore sooooo

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im gonna fuckin revive this, same network, same crap except with my ip

actuallyyyyyyy i have a VPS sooooooooooooo

vps’s are overrated, this is no vps land

also im the owner of the radmin network this was hosted on, considering migrating to a new one idk why

from a security stand point, VPS is actually (in my opinion) more secure than radmin.

actuallyyyyy my VPS is down so all i have is a mac mini lol

Ouh :frowning:


port forwarding, mac minis are kinda shitty network hosts nowadays

good media servers however.

dont really think it would be useful for voip apps