Jetix Live Messenger for PC (CONCEPT!)

don’t take it seriously because isn’t the case of azuremsn this is just a concept of my messaging service if it would be real an yes i used

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Are there any unique features? I miss some of the polish of the login screens of MSN Messenger (with the animated butterfly, which you still play with in Reviver) or the sleeping smiley in Yahoo Messenger.

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maybe like sync your gmail account to get hangouts contacts trought your messenger account and for the logging in gif is jetix running on a line
if JK or TReKiE username a special thing would be given to you
i’m making the status icons

I remember about those!
Loved Y! Messenger’s sleeping smiley.


I remember all, but the one i love is the animated butterfly in Reviver.

2 Likes has a revived Y! Messenger

Ik, i use it.