Java-based MSN client?

Is there a Java-based MSN client out there? I wanted to see if there was one so I could use MSN on my Mac.

i think escargot not support Java version

Wait, so there’s a Java version of MSN Messenger, but Escargot doesn’t support it?

Also, just to clarify, I was talking about desktop Java, not J2ME

if you create your own custom client designed for Escargot with the right protocols, yes.
i’m pretty sure it’s possible, i don’t have any experience with Java (keep that in mind).

Turns out there is one called Herald, but it’s from 2001 so you’ll need old MSN support enabled to use it :​/
Here’s the Escargot-patched .jar file, if anyone wants it: (123.6 KB)


there isn’t an official java based version of WLM, on pc atleast.

What about J2ME?

J2ME has a few, including an official one, but I’m pretty sure most of them connected to a special server made specifically for the J2ME version rather than connecting directly to the Messenger service.