I've brought Patchou to Escargot

I sended a message to the Patchou inbox via www.patchou.com, telling to Patchou to be a Escargot user, and Patchou has readed that message, and now, thanks to me, the great @Patchou is now a Escargot user!

If anyone wants to talk with me, contact me via MSN Messenger: urdanetaa19@gmail.com


sorry but… Who is Patchou?

The creator of Messenger Plus!


Good that at least some people remember this great guy and his work! /cc @Patchou

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i like how Patchou has not made a Escargot post on his blog. possibly working on it, but i don’t know, what’s the point of trying to force him, he has just made his account yesterday.