It's Yahoo! Messenger's official death date

Welp, we never expected it to be so soon, but it would eventually come.

TBH, Yahoo! has been very negligent with their userbase, as even one suggestion by them can be ignored and thrown by the wayside, which describes why the new Yahoo! Messenger is what it is. They think they could appeal to the new texting market with flashy GIFs, and a flat and texting-like interface, but it all backfired. All because Yahoo! wouldn’t listen to the Messenger users that have used it enough to see that the new Messenger was a total flop and instead focused on trying to milk more money out of their supposed “new market”.

It has also come to my attention that a user on the official Yahoo! Messenger forums by the name of “pegasus70” was banned all because he has spread the truth of Yahoo!'s shady and negligent practices publicly on there, which did enrage me quite a bit. However, that post doesn’t seem to be anywhere anymore, so it’s most likely that Yahoo! removed it themselves, which really makes it more apparent that they obviously don’t care about their userbase anymore, along with silencing others who do call them out for it.

However, it isn’t just Yahoo! not listening to their userbase, which want to see them improve their services. They also don’t seem to help with solving user’s problems, as with the case of their archive downloader for Messenger, which has been described as very slow with the delivery of archives, and a claim that even states that the archives are not stored properly. When people were complaining about this on the Yahoo! Messenger forums, no staff bothered to even reply. Really makes you think how the new Yahoo! CEO arranged things when she entered.

Back to business though, I guess that means the Yahoo! Messenger frontend for Escargot can finally roam for much longer possibly, as Yahoo! Messenger isn’t actively maintained anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wildman yim server is very not activite


Yahoo! Messenger is dead already? Wow, I thought there was still some time left until it got put down. I was planning to use it one last time before the end but I never got around to it.

I’d imagine the experience being like going to that one old place you went to as a kid years ago that just got polished up a bit too much to “fit with today’s society”. Just unexpected and a big middle finger right at you and everyone else that thought that it was a bad idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


well its not going to be missed , the new Y! messenger is crap

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yahoo messenger 11 will be missed

Yeah But the new one is shit i always liked the old one

yeah …

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That is true. The new Yahoo Messenger was hot garbage. I had no friends on it anyway.

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