It's my birthday today

It’s my birthday today, and you already know that real life is trash when absolutely 0 people at school wishes you a happy birthday, but your worst online friends wish you happy birthday

Also i may or may not be a legal adult within Brazil :him:

Even though i have a bad history with this forum, most if not all people have either grown up and left or grown up and matured, myself included, and 99% of my interactions on this forum (Especially on the MG Chat, which you should join if you haven’t already) after late-2022 have been pretty chill

Hope for a good weekend for y’all, and i need to sleep now since it’s 1:40 AM ._.


Yo check Telegram

Thanks! :heart:

Context: This is what he sent on TKH (my main social circle atm)

happy birthday bro

Happy birthday!

happy Bday Ray hag1

Happy Birthday Ray :birthday: :smile:

happy birthday!

Well, the birthday wishing habit is year to year less common as I realize in the EU as well, especially in Hungary. Of course it’s still celebrated, especially among your relatives and closest friends but all you see is people getting bored wishing birthdays for some reasons. So, you are not alone in this situation. Back to 2009-2010 and similar years, you got like 50 hb text message and now it can be 5-10? Sometimes time changes in bad ways unfortunately.

However I still wish happy birthday for important people, so happy birthday @Ray ! :slight_smile:

Well, happy (a bit late) birthday, meu parceiro!
here’s a virtual msn cake to you!

Happy bday!!

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