It looks like you can login to Wildman’s server using YMSG 5.5

It’s nothing important, but I thought it was cool. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool try on on older versions will it work?

this look very cool , i never used this version but i think that i will stick with 6.0 because it look more similar to the newer versions ( aka i really want yahoo messenger 11 )

That’s mostly because:

  1. The auth method @Wildman_Fujiami implemented is also supported on YMSG9-10 (maybe even 11).

  2. The services the server supports were supported in the protocol 5.x supports (again, YMSG9-10)

I guess this can be a holdover while Escargot’s Yahoo! frontend is in development. :stuck_out_tongue:

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THAT MEANS THAT I CAN USE YMS 11 ? ( sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue: i know that this is probaly a no ;-; )

This is why I hate when people confuse the terminology.

YMSG is the IM protocol Yahoo! developed. Yahoo! Messenger, on the other hand, is the official client that utilizes said protocol.

In this case YMSG9-11 were used with Yahoo! Messenger 5.0-5.6, which is several versions behind Yahoo! Messenger 11, which ditches those versions of the protocol entirely.