It is possible to save my username the wlm?

Hi linux users.
It is possible to save my username on wlm? If I re-open the wlm then my name is set back to defaultly. For ex. I set my name to Balázs then it automatically switch back to when i reopen the msn.

How can I fix it?

Wine version: 3.0.2
Ubuntu 16.04.05 x64 (now not the arch :stuck_out_tongue:)
Messenger 8.5
Cheese: trappist

Did you tick the “Remember me” checkbox?


Maybe Wine Is Not an Emulator (that’s that WINE means, lul) isn’t saving it.
Also, you are a hacker! hao did u do “Yes.”?

Wine Is Not an Emulator is the acronym for WINE. Maybe its not saving.

liz zis: youuuu clic on the eeeee neeew post buttttttttttttttt on fjsog

Yes, WIne is not an emulator and what is the problem? It saves all wlm datas without my name.

dunno. The legendary Post Reviver can’t answer. Do you have similar issues with no saving in other things?

Thinking someone is a hacker just because they use Linux?

thats y i called him a hacker. it was a joke



Hi , Yeah i had the same problem and iam still in linux , I still havent looked into it yet because iam busy but when iam free i will look into it and see whats the prob and let you all know :slight_smile:

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