It is possible to install Live OneCare? (antivirus)

Problem description:
If I wanna send a .exe file then i may install a live antivirus which is called Live OneCare. Ok, I install it but I always get an installing error.

Error code/error message:
(failed to download… try run as admin… theres have a problem with internet).
What has been tried so far:
Ran msnmsgr as administrator
(Checked village internet connection but it works)

Messenger version:
WIndows Live Messenger 8.5 hungarian
Windows version:
Windows 10 1803 x64 hun oem

Any solution?

So the installer can’t download the antivirus and virus database because the server no longer exists

then theres any workable installer?

not really, the retail CD was just a web installer :frowning:

Just use any old exe. I’ve tried that and it sent. Or just get Noggy Shield.

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