Issues with the current MessengerGeek Discord server

Today I want to address an issue of the MessengerGeek Discord server. Recently a lot of “shit” has been happening on the server including drama, harassment etc.

First issue I want to to point out, is that one of the moderation members assholishkirk is banning users of something that he has done himself as well.

What he has done was drawing pictures of Trekie naked or “fetishised”. That definitely could fall under the NSFW section.

Now the current rules of the 19th August 2018 have rule 3 saying “3. No NSFW outside of #bots-nsfw .”. and he was spreading/linking such pictures which originate from the #bots-nsfw channel outside of that channel, evidence is listed below.

  1. #general (

  2. #general (

At this point I want to point out even if it’s just 2 violations from assholishkirk of the rules we’re talking inequality of banning people.

One former (banned) member of the Discord server Hemoo was banned because of rule 3 for posting a borderline (girl clothed) NSFW picture, deleting it shortly after. assholishkirk (moderation) asked appledoo (server manager) to kick Hemoo.

Now we reached the point of one moderation member not being banned because of favorites of appledoo. We can’t tell if that’s true but it’s most likely right now, so we don’t take this as fact.

So there might be discussion about the picture that Hemoo posted was In-Real-Life and assholishkirk’s picture being drawn but the fact is that both are borderline NSFW if not completely NSFW.

This is the inequality of both sides. Either both get banned or both aren’t banned.

We will now go to the drama on the server. Hemoo states that assholishkirk and Nojus starts the drama for the most part, then assholishkirk protects Nojus. Which makes Hemoo and Pedro angry and drama goes on fire.

Second drama is that Discord server chat logs were sent to Deathlife23 showing messages of members harassing him. That shows that they’re using the MessengerGeek Discord to secretly talk shit behind him.

Also important to point out is that appledoo had a nickname on the Discord server saying “#deathtodeathlife”.

Now I don’t own the server, by the member list we could say that appledoo owns it but it’s mainly for the MessengerGeek forum, problem is that drama and other bullshit destroys the reason why it was made.

The recent discussions on that server makes it off-topic, it’s shit off-topic discussions that make people rage, be offended or other things.

Since assholishkirk is starting drama and he has moderation powers he “abuses” it by starting drama and making people do things who get them banned.

The reason why this thread was made is not for pointing at staff members of that discord instead of resolving the current state it’s in.


I agree :smiley:

The best solution is to not have a Messenger Geek discord server

Yes. That would be great. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

that is the most lazy solution

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or not to have people who arent good at moderating a sever being mods or admins

Use msn and be happy

this is MESSENGERgeek , not MSNgeek , it should have a server in discord :-/ in my opinion at least

the discord was cool and good until the clubland incident

Since i joined the Messenger Geek discord server i more use Discord then Msn and its bad for me so im trying to use msn then discord problably if a messenger geek discord server didnt exist it would been more peaceful.

it wouldn’t have been peaceful anyway since people start drama over here occasionally

why ? both are great messengers !

no , this server should exist , people will not delet it just because of you dont liking ! just ignore discord and thats it

Agree but when people turn something into a big deal just because they want to start drama and start taking sides to piss other people off yeah a drama will start so if we had better mods the server would have been better

Why because i use discord then msn and its bad because i want to use more msn then discord but its so hard

this is not our poblem , the solution will be you sinply not use the discord server :slight_smile: , and you will use msn more since that is what you want

lol just balance

Im fucking leaving discord i had enought

i dont blame you , the server is becoming toxic so i dont see a reason for you to even stay

The only time i agree with you @hemoo023


Lmao , i will take that as a complement