Issues with MSN 7.0 signing in


It seems that I can’t use MSN 7.0 (from the prepatched download) and I keep getting error message 80072efd when signing in. I also can’t use the Switcher, as that causes Messenger to stop responding.


Close. Msn switcher. Then log in with email you created from escargot site


Still having trouble signing in, even after doing everything.


Gon the escargot site and download the prepatched version of 7.0 (it says something for prepatched)


I’ve tried the prepatched version, put my info as needed for 7.0, still didn’t work.


Close msn switcher and try again with the prepatched. That error means wrong email/password


Still giving the error, and I’m trying the prepatched and Switcher is closed.


What Windows version is this on? Also although this may sound ridiculous, have you simply tried rebooting?

For interest, the error message translates into a connectivity problem - can’t connect (to the server).


Hey, I’m having some problems too!
I installed switcher but it’s not working. It seems that a .dll it is not working.

The error: VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing.

What can I do?


@A_G Try installing the latest version: It shouldn’t complain about VCRUNTIME140.dll anymore, and it works for me on Win10 and XP.

(edited to update url and say that it works on xp now)


My Windows 7 says it’s harmful for my computer, so I dunno if I wanna. :confused:


make a e-mail from here:

at the ‘‘Create an account’’ section

then download the prepatched 7.0:

unzip and the log in with your mail created above


Rebooted, still can’t connect, and I’m using the email I created from the site with the patched version.

Using Windows Vista at the moment.


try 7.5

to log in on 7.5 —>

username —> (youre-mail)|(password) or whatever you have

password–> put your password here


I can sign in using 7.5. I’ll keep using that version.


@valtron why some people can only login from 7,5 exclusively???


@alzcore397 I have no idea what would cause that to happen :confused:


Well, I can finally sign in with 7.0 without an error message.


I tried this method with 7.5, it was working. Later, it failed & so, I got a new login error. :disappointed:

Error code: 80048820


That type of login was removed some days ago, you can now login with normal mail and password.