Issue with the "MSN Today" Button

i have a problem with my 7.5 client

the msn today button does not appear at all

can someone from escargot engineers help me? thanks.

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@alzcore397 the msn today button doesn’t work because the news was switched to another tab on the site of the messenger under the buddies tab.

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thanks @valtron

For me, I do get the MSN Today button when I first sign in,

(I don’t know why, but I don’t get the extra tabs and the web search. Maybe it has something to do with my system locale set to “Singapore”?)

but after opening and closing Messenger settings, the button disappears for some reason.

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download the pre=pacthed 7.5 installer and install.

I did already do that.

i noticed that your using XP. maybe something blocks it. check the hosts file.

umm… where is it?

Oh hey, thanks for the info. I don’t see anything wrong.

[details=click here for a joke]

Just kidding, that was /etc/hosts on my Linux workstation. Now for the actual c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.[/details]

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Its xp’s issue.ask @valtron or see threads about msn on xp. On windows 7 and above it works normal.

Your problem may be due to your locale… If you can try to change it to “en-US” (English [United States]) in order to test, it would be great!

I tried to change my locale to en-SG, and it still worked.

Is that in a VM? If so, can you run MSN outside the VM?

I may have the same problem but mine is in a vm but i cannot run it outside the vm since i am on a mac and really don’t want to use wine to run msn messenger. it’s easier to have it in a vm.

No. The XP system I’m using is a real PC.

Now, as you can see, when I have my locale set to Singapore, I don’t get any of the extra tabs or Spaces button.

Then, when I set the locale to US and restart, I still don’t get the extra tabs and Spaces button, however, this time, it does also illustrate the disappearing contacts issue my account has. Maybe it has to do with my Escargot address not being a real e-mail address (at least on the Microsoft servers)?