Issue sending messages on 8.5

I’m on messenger 8.5 and I have an issue where one friend of mine cannot get any of my messages but other people can. The odd thing is that I can get their messages and once I do I’m finally able to send messages back but only for a bit.

The exactly same problem here, up? Can someone help?

I would even add that my contacts appear “busy” and get “online” when they return windows
or go on the msn window but they’re online
I’m the only one seeing this, and well, “can’t send” messages etc like said previously

Could it be some firewall or idk thing or option fault? I’m on w10
Can be Messengerplus’ fault?
Maybe cause i created a @live mail in escargot and it’s not an old real one?

Would be really really cool of urs, thank in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

Up :stuck_out_tongue: