Ismsndeadyet change


The other day this page had nothing but red crosses, and now there’s green ticks within the server status. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything, but just wanted to check in case it was an important sign of life. In case it goes, I have grabbed what I am seeing:

It’s probably nothing but it was all red the other day.


I noticed this as well, and pinged it with

It showed that Port 443 was open

Doing a trace route also showed that it worked,

(The screenshots above used the BN2 server, and all IP’s give different trace routes, so look into that guys!)

However, the highlighted servers are still closed, and I believe they are required to relay the connections from an MSN client to the servers. I don’t know about that though.


so they didn’t take the servers down? they just blocked access to the urls coming from the servers?


There are now just Skype servers. If you try accessing the gateway address (that’s /gateway/gateway.dll) on these servers, you get a 404 Not Found. They operate on the normal HTTPS port which is why they’re now green.

If nothing else, it’s just confirmation that they’ve done away with the existing infrastructure.


Ohh I see :disappointed:


well, change it so it has escargot link somewhere