Is Wildman's Yahoo server finally shut down?

Yup, when I try to login, it just pops me back to ‘Welcome’.

Screenshot from 2020-03-31 19-50-01

On iwarg’s Yahoo! page, there’s 0 online. And…

The copyright year was still 2019. So, @Wildman_Fujiami stop working on Y!M ? :frowning:

If it’s true, then I also have to wait Escargot’s support for Y!M too. Great. :sleepy:

And actually…
Average people still using [old] Instant Messaging on PC
Around 100 on AIM, and around 1.5k on Escargot/WLM.

So yup, nobody using Yahoo! Messenger anymore.

:arrow_up: Correct me if I’m wrong, anyway. :slight_smile:

Nah it won’t be going down permanently AFAIK. However Wildman tends to shut it off most of the time and there’s the possibility it might go away for good due to how much of a lesser priority it is given than his main project, AIM Phoenix (don’t take my word on this, just speculation). If he’s able to get more cohesive documentation on the protocol then maybe he’d take it a bit more seriously. Not like Y!2 as it is is that good anyway. Last time I used it its presence notifications has wacky bugs, it was easy to corrupt my contact list with nonexistent contacts, and nothing but regular instant messaging works atm.


I remember using Wildman Yahoo and it kinda broke most of the time with it crashing for no reason.

The crashing is most likely from the fact that Yahoo Messenger 6 is so unoptimized that its skinning function barely works outside of XP and below. I used it on Windows 7 with Y!2 and it worked decently enough, minus the skinning issue.

This was on win 10, so this may be the problem lolza

Yeah pretty much. I noticed it crashed when I first installed it on there and received an instant message from someone.

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@TwilyHoney BTW you’re spot on with the statistics. I personally haven’t seen the 1.5k on Escargot myself but @Jarhead_Gamer38 was kind enough to tell me about his own sighting of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Last time i was able to connect to yahoo was in January 2020, that’s it.

i tried to go to the yahoo messenger (version 5.x) and it didnt work

I’ve been summoned here. Well, while I’m here I should probably share my thoughts. Wildman’s Yahoo! server hasn’t shut down. I’ve seen it on for a few days at a time after being offline for a long while. It is true that he hasn’t done much, and that’s probably because the service wasn’t that popular to begin with. The most people I’ve seen on Y!2 is 5 people. The server also seems to go off at random, despite how many people are on. I’ve had the server go off on me while in a conference with 2 other people.

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UPDATE: Yay, it’s back up! :slight_smile:

not for so long

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