Is this the Marimba used on MSN Messenger for Message Sound?

In short words, I have just discovered that one of the .MOD tracks I had was including a type of Marimba that sounds very similar to the MSN Sound at some point (although it is Stereo sound, I’ll put it on each):
Left Speaker:
Right Speaker:

The file, basically, is just a 8khz Marimba Audio that I found (likely compressed);

Left Speaker:
Right Speaker:

Do anyone here knows the original file of it, and, if this was even the original Marimba Audio used?

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what version was this in? so i can try to find it?

I actually got it from a module file
If you want to, I can send a link to it


You can use OpenMPT, WACUP/WinAMP, FastTracker/MilkyTracker or VLC to run it

ok sounds good!