Is there Pedophile on escargot?

Problem description: i am not sure if there it is no pedophile

Error code/error message:pf4r

What has been tried so far: to search ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Messenger version: MSN escargot MESSENGER 7.5

Windows version: windows 7 4gb ram 2,60ghz ati radeon 4300hd series

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what is error pf4r
i can’t answer this escargot is too unpredictable

I’ve heard of a few cases of pedophiles lurking around the service, but otherwise it shouldn’t be a big problem, and if you’re cautious when talking to people you don’t know then you won’t have to worry about them at all. To be frank, any online service will have pedophiles on it, visible or not, so just make sure you keep yourself safe from trouble and you won’t have to worry about them. :slight_smile:

~ An Escargot developer


Is shadow calling me a pedo?

no pf4r is just a reference to press f for respects

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All the children sure are using MSN 7.5 these days instead of discord

richter why did you reply to this

discord is pretty ok. i much prefer msn though.

Ofc, one of them i know is cock@ball.torture

That’s a confirmed troll account.



i associate myself with cvm dont bash