Is there any way we could bring back MySpace?

All of this talk of reviving AIM and MSN has really left me with a feeling of nostalgia. I was reading about a website,, that closed only after a month after it started! I was wondering if there’s any possible way of bringing the old MySpace back, that would be great!

I’ve heard of Maybe you could give that a shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks pretty nice! Not an exact clone, but close enough! :smiley:

I wish i had a myspace…

that website gone down a long time ago and I am sure it won’t be back until the owner of the domain decides to put it back online.

the site is ded

it’s dead indeed and I was a member of it too.


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Actually, I got the TLD wrong.
It’s .net, not .com. :stuck_out_tongue: