Is there any software that can act as a dialup modem that uses audio input and output

Well, i found an active BBS number, and i think i figured out how im gonna connect my phone to my PC, but i need a software modem since i dont have a phone patch, it needs to be able to output the data to the headphone jack (or play it from the speakers) and accept input from the microphone jack preferably, i honestly dont think theres anyone who had this idea or made the software.

Might I recommend DreamPi?

WO mic for microphone

can it accept audio input and output from my cell phone? if it does than i might try it, would it need any extra hardware?
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why would i need this if im connecting using an ACTUAL cell phone? also i was gonna connect the phone to a splitter, and connect the output into the audio input of the pc (for data input) and the headphone jack of the pc into the spitters mic input
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No. All it does is use your Wi-Fi connection as a way to use devices with modems, particularly a Dreamcast, but can be used for other devices.

oh, i thought thats what you meant right before i replyed to you just now. if only i had a usb modem, then i would probably try it

oh, and i probably should mention, im looking for a software modem that would run on the computer, if something like that meets my needs.