Is there any Skype Revival

i want to know if there is any revivals of skype like bluesky i wanted to join the bluesky server but it has expired and is there any besides bluesky

same looking for some skype revival. still remember these skype 6.0 sounds


What is the name tho?

I’m sure one was called Pinto! Classic? by vlOD but I don’t think they ever actually released it

i love bumping.
well, pinto classic is now public in beta 1.0 but the name was changed to pinto

I’d love to know as well. I really miss old Skype with the bubble-like sounds and stuff

Skype Classic clients do exist, but only on a 7.0 style.
But I must warn you: these clients are created/edited from the original by third party developers (devs) and therefore, you are using a custom client in which you don’t know what code runs (even thought it connects to MS servers)
Therefore, I can recommend you some clients: TrySkype worked on a Skype Classic client, but we centered to Lync. I can recommend you ReSkype by vlOd. You can do a small search in youtube and will surely find it. That is if you agree to run his program. These clients are Skype Web Wrapper with old Skype Alpha for Linux Electron Apps ported to windows with its scripts edited, and that is why its been easy for them to release it (skype 6 was never done in electron, therefore, they need to edit the full HTML/CSS which there is no access to as the obfuscated Electron code generates it.)

I hope this small explanation makes you know how Skype Classic clients work and maybe enjoy one of them.
Best Regards :smiley:

Skype 7 is relatively old as well. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out ReSkype!

I can’t find any liks for ReSkype, can someone hmu with an official download link for it?

sure here is the official blog (not by me)

Couldn’t get ReSkype working.

well thats bc it died vlod gave up on it

No. He gave up on it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work… just it wont get updates.

Wdym I was not able to sigin it just crashed when I login with my MS account


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