Is there any good browser for Windows Vista in 2023?

Is Mypal not a supported by the owner currently for both operating system aka Windows XP and Windows Vista?

Mypal is currently supported in both Windows XP and Windows Vista

But on Windows Vista, I would recommended to use the Extended Kernel. With the extended kernel, you can just use Supermium (an updated Chromium fork that makes updated Chromium compatible with Windows Vista(EXTENDED KERNEL), Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

The Extended Kernel is good although it breaks stuff on Windows Vista such as dreamscene and most things would be not functional and it wouldn’t be used perfectly on Windows Vista.


Sorry for the delay but do your system have the SSE2 support?

Maybe you could try out MiniBrowser or maybe the MSFN’s modified Browser360, which has Chromium 88/86 on it AFAIK. But remember that these might lag your system if you’re on a low-end PC or laptop

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Yes indeed it has 2GB of ram and also an Intel Pentium 2.20ghz, i don’t think the system is responsive but the operating system is installed on an SSD which it makes Windows Vista a bit faster.

Kafan MiniBrowser is based on Chromium 87, not 88.