Is there any archive of old toolbars available for download?

I’m making a nostalgia XP VM which has some old programs and bookmarks of sites from 2007-2008 (using the Wayback Archive), and classic IE toolbars would add to the experience. But they’re really difficult to find!

I know Softonic has some old toolbars, but most of them redirect to broken links. And a lot of them are not dated, either, like I don’t want to get a toolbar from 2011 or 2012 for my 2007-08 VM - it ruins the aesthetic, and it’s the wrong date range!

If anyone here knows of some archive which has a lot of old toolbars, let me know!

Keep safe!

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Windows Live Essentials 2009?
It has the Live Toolbar


The live toolbars are easier to get, some of them come bundled with Live packages
I also have the Yahoo toolbar and the AIM toolbar as well

but I want the good stuff.
I want the CursorMania, the MyWebSearch, the DocToPDF
Don’t worry, this is all going into a VM, it shouldn’t infect my PC somehow

I have all of those in a Celeron D 352 Machine
I think I also have a Windows Vista MSN toolbar

Except for CusorMania and I deleted MyWebSearch since it was a virus

Unfortunately, I haven’t used that machine in a while, So i don’t know if it still functions…

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it only works on ie 8 iirc

Ask Jeeves Toolbar?

Also here, you might find ideas in those images.


my eyes hurt looking at those images


lmao same

install bad ass mafia toolbar

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mEeT sMeXy SiNgLeS mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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damn those images are amazing

but seriously, where can I find working download links to these old toolbars?

@Mr.Kid maybe you could get your old machine out and possibly salvage some of those toolbars? It’s good for historical archives too

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You can even recover winks or dynamic backgrounds if you still have msn installed

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Anyone? No one?
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The internet archive might have some


sorry for bump but i found this
i hope they are in the right time period
toolbars on

ok, does someone have cool toolbar ?