Is there a way to share my cloud drive?

Hello there! I wanted to create a cloud drive and share it with some people to let them upload, download and whatever they want to do. Is there a service or idk to do this?

Google Drive maybe ?

this question is mine and onedrive is the best

so something like an ftp server? maybe you can set up a windows share and disable read only

There was SnailFTP but it recently got down, so sorry about that! Maybe it’ll go up again.


On top of all the other suggestions, there’s also Soulseek. I’m pretty sure it was made just for music piracy (lol) but you can upload literally anything on there, and it’s P2P downloading. It works kinda similarly to how Limewire did, but to get access to peoples files, you either need to add them as a friend, or find them in chatrooms. I don’t think you can just search for a file and have it pop up.
Other than that, there’s also (which is my preferred cloud storage), you get 50gb for free!!! It’s crazy as hell

i might setup an ftp for this. ill probably call it tacoshare.

Grazie a tutti! Problem solved :heart:

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