Is there a way to fix Sign In on App Store in iOS 5? (error iOS Update Required)

title say it all
Apple ditched old version of iOS and i’m no longer able sign in to App Store (but iCloud still work).

but is there a possible way to fix this fucking shit iOS Update Required when i tried to Sign In to App Store on iOS 5 [iPad 1]? (even VPN doesnt work either).

  • This iPad is also jailbreaked.

plus im looking for Proxy or some patch/editing the credentials to bypass this.

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app store is pretty useless unless you have a newer device, atleast for me as my only apple device is one with ios 6.
So if you have a newer device then you have a reason to use app store, but if you dont there isnt much for ios 6 (probably even worse for ios 5 and older)

Probably some shitty apple app store update cause they dont support these old devices anymore

by the way only my iPhone 5 are working (i tested it using Coolbooter iOS 6.1.4) and App Store are perfectly working, but unable to download apps (most of them are marked for arm64, etc…) so i use Cydia to install Checkmate, Store! and was able to download apps, but YouTube crashes when trying to launch.

Most people are able to download stuff by going to Purchase tab.

I have 6.1.6 on my ipod touch 4th gen and checkmate store doesnt seem to do anything for me, how does it work? Do i need a newer device to purchase apps on before i can download them?

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well if its doesnt work, i remember there was a video on YT that they showing a tut How to modified the info.plist on the App Store to download the older version of apps i probably forgot the link.

Did you install stuff by going to Purchases tab even Checkmate Store! is installed?
And to install apps you need to use 3uTools or iPhone 5s running iOS 12 or newer and make purchase first.

Also go to r/LegacyJailbreak so you can find out more.

rip ios 3 App Store.

no. Ill have to try that